Work With Us

Let's Collaborate!

Do you wish you had a little extra help with managing your day-to-day cases or maybe you need some additional expertise with a project you're working on. Contact us! We are open to developing a mutual consulting relationship. Many of our services can be provided virtually or telephonic. Case management, evaluation services, career counseling, Ticket to Work and consulting services can be provided without geographic limitations. An initial phone consultation can clarify out-of-area services.

Why Choose Us

  • We have experience in multi-state courts as a vocational expert.
  • We have over 18 years of academic education, training, and professional experience as a rehabilitation counselor in both independent living and vocational rehabilitation.
  • Our expertise is in rehabilitation counseling in both independent living and vocational rehabilitation and special education law. Our staff is a certified rehabilitation counselor who is trained to work with various disabling conditions evaluate the needs of individuals with disabilities, and offer a solution to their problem.

Whether you are a youth or young adult who needs extra support in order to successfully transition to adulthood, our services are for you. Maybe you have been issued a ticket from the Social Security Administration Ticket to Work Program, we are an Employment Network Provider too. You may have been tasked with an unexpected issued that requires the expertise of someone trained and experienced in disability services, we are the one for you. We work with attorneys who handle cases with clients that have been injured on the job or sustained a life-altering injury through an accident. Our expertise and services are in vocational rehabilitation and include cases in workers' compensation, personal injury, family law, and education law.