Independent Vocational evaluations

Independent Vocational Education Evaluations are focused on the unique needs of the student with a disability. We provide high quality transition assessments for high school students that are specific and measurable so the student can have a smooth and successful transition to adulthood.

Our approach includes:

  • An initial vocational assessment
  • Vocational testing
  • Medical and vocational document review
  • Job placement
  • Job analysis
  • Occupational data
  • Labor market surveys (when requested)
  • Employability and wage earning capacity

The purpose of an Independent Educational Evaluation is to identify a student's strengths, weaknesses, abilities, needs, and services needed to achieve one's desired outcome. Additionally, it is to realistic expectations regarding one's career choice and provide alternative solutions based on the results on the evaluation.

We conduct these evaluations at the request of a parent, school, or attorney. For additional information, contact Dr. Sabrina M. Singleton at 205.598.2447 ext. 103 or by email