Career Counseling

Invest in yourself and seek the guidance of a Career Counselor!

Career Counseling is appropriate for:

  • Injured workers
  • Older workers tasked with an unexpected career change
  • Social Security Disability Income recipients
  • Individuals needing job search and career guidance
  • Transition-age youth with and without a disability needing support
  • Unemployed individuals
  • Individuals experiencing life-altering events such as divorce
  • Individuals needing a career change
  • College students
  • High school students
  • Veterans
  • Individuals needing a direction with starting a business

In order to gain an understanding of the career counseling process, a possible outline of content to be covered in individual sessions typically includes four phases:

Phase I: Vocational Assessment & Feedback

Phase II: Marketing

Phase III: Job Search Strategy & Assertiveness

Phase IV: Interviewing

We Offer Career Counseling bundle packages:

Package 1= 1 session

Package 2= 4 sessions

Package 3= 6 sessions

Package 4= 3 months worth of sessions {12 sessions total}

Group sessions of 3 or more

All bundle packages are discounted. Services include:

  • Vocational Assessments/Evaluations
  • Career Planning
  • Resume Development & Critique
  • Job Placement
  • Interview Prep
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Job Analysis
  • Financial Planning

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. We do not accept insurance. Payment is due before or at the time of service.

An initial intake is 60 minutes and individual counseling sessions are 50 minutes in length. If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so as soon as possible. If you fail to give at least 24-hour notice prior to canceling an appointment, a $25 fee will be charged. A No-Show fee of $25 will be charged if you fail to show up for an appointment. A $10 service charge will apply if you fail to make a payment before or at the time of appointment.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment over the weekend, please call our office and leave a voicemail, otherwise, you will be charged a No-Show fee for failure to give at least a 24-hour notice prior to canceling an appointment.


Initial Intake: 60 minutes $135

Bundle Packages (packages are discounted):

Each session is 50 minutes

Package 1- 1 session $150

Package 2= 4 sessions $480

Package 3= 6 sessions $720

Package 4= 3 months {12 sessions total}= $1,425

Group session (3 or more)= $95 per person