Who We Are?

Vocational & Rehabilitation Consultants, LLC is a private limited liability company that provides one-on-one vocational counseling and consultation services. We are a team of high-qualified professionals of certified rehabilitation counselors and licensed counselors. We provide quality services to individuals with and without disabilities, state vocational rehabilitation agencies, federal agencies, law firms, public and private school entities, insurance companies, and businesses. It is our mission to provide services and support to assist with the facilitation of independence, integration, and inclusion of individuals in employment and the community.

Sabrina M. Singleton, PhD. is the principle consultant and expert that has more than 18 years of academic knowledge and practical experience in servicing individuals with disabilities. Her expertise is in special education and rehabilitation counseling. She has not only been involved as a practitioner, but she also educates college students within the rehabilitation and disability profession.

What We Offer?

Our expertise includes vocational rehabilitation and career counseling services . We examine diminished earning capacity, conduct labor market access and analysis, transferable skills analysis, earnings loss evaluations, life care planning in workers' compensation, marital dissolution, personal injury, Social Security, Veterans Administration Disability, and long-term disability venues.

We provide vocational expert witness testimony and vocational and independent living assessments to special education law attorneys. We conduct comprehensive vocational interviews, develop return-to-work plans, provide job placement services and job seeking skills training. We provide psychological counseling, career counseling, vocational evaluations, job development, and case management to individuals with disabilities.

We are an Employment Network Provider for the Social Security Administration Ticket to Work Program.

Vocational Rehabilitation & COVID-19

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has brought teleworking to the forefront. To encourage social distancing businesses have allowed their employees to work from home and many telepractice restrictions have been lifted. Vocational experts, administrative law judges, attorneys, claimants, and all who make up the court system has transitioned to teleworking. In essence, most if not all vocational experts were already working from home providing a fully functional telepractice. As a result of this pandemic, many resources have become available that allow vocational experts to continue to work with their clients in providing vocational evaluations and assessments at a distance.

One vital resource that Vocational Experts often use is testing material from Pearson. Pearson is an assessment service offered to schools, businesses, and qualified individuals who administer assessments to obtain vital data to help formulate an opinion. Pearson has a growing number of products that may be appropriately used for telepractice that enables Vocational Experts to continue to provide testing via remote. According to Pearson, "Telepractice is the application of telecommunications technology to the delivery of professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client or clinician to clinician for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation. Telepractice includes a growing variety of applications and services using two-way video, email, smartphones, wireless tools, and other forms of telecommunications technology. In short, telepractice allows for continuity of care when in-person sessions are not practical or feasible".

There are other job aspects that Vocational Experts perform that COVID-19 did not affect and do not require direct contact with the client. These other job aspects include but not limited to case file review, labor market research, transferable skills analysis, and earning capacity evaluation. The use of technology has enabled Vocational & Rehabilitation Consultants, LLC to continue to provide requested services by attorneys in workers' compensation, personal injury, family law (marital dissolution), Social Security disability law, Veterans Administration Disability, employment law, special education law, and all litigation cases that require the expert opinion of a qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and Disability Expert. Dr. Sabrina M. Singleton is the Director, Owner, and Clinical Practitioner of Vocational & Rehabilitation Consultants, LLC.

I am Dr. Sabrina M. Singleton the owner of Vocational & Rehabilitation Consultants, LLC. I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Vocational Expert, and Disability Consultant. I conduct vocational evaluations and provide vocational opinions in litigation cases that require the opinion of a vocational expert. As I continue to follow the latest developments on the global fight to slow the spread COVID-19, I remain active in providing my vocational expert opinion in litigation cases Nationwide. For more on Vocational & Rehabilitation Consultants, LLC visit https://www.vocrehabconsultants.com. I am open to new litigation cases and continue to work diligently on consulting requests from home. For referrals visit https://www.vocrehabconsultants.com/litigation-referral-form or email information to referral@vocrehabconsultants.com. I can be reached via email at dr.singleton@vocrehabconsultants.com or via telephone at 866.774.8026. Please review my Curriculum Vitae for a summary of my skills and expertise.